Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

1. Dedicated to Health é "KAIZEN-Continuous Improvement"

Our goal is to provide the safest and most advanced implants,instruments and technologies which ensure reliable operating procedures, rapid recoverey and a painfree life after surgery.Our constant urge for research and development has let us come to this stage.UMA pioneered products since its reception are better examples of that.Products bearing the brand name Uma Surgicals is a familier sight in virtually every operating room in india. We are one of the leaders in traumatology, rank among the top companies for spiral surgery in India and continue to remain at the forefront of the Orthopaedic business. Recently started Maxillofacial division is an eminent of the progress made by UMA surgicals. Custom made Implants and Instruments suitable for ease of patients operation is our speciality

2. Quality through Innovation and Consistent Customer Oriented Approach

By continuously developing better solutions, Uma Surgicals lays the foundation for its excellent market position. Our constant touch with the customers helps us to understand the complications and difficulties faced during surgeries treating various types of fractures.We engineer the ideas with the help of surgeons and intelligent manufacturing resources to come up with innovative, pragmatic and effective solutions.Customer feedback is an important part of our process.It helps in improving not only the products but the systems,surgical techniques, and in turn our responsiveness towards healthcare field.

3. Experienced and Knowledgeable Management

Trained under guidance of one of the Indian Orthopaedics Guru, Dr.A.K.Talwalkar, Mr.V.P Gangan, CEO, has over 33 years of experience in this field. His vast experience,detailed knowledge about the field and sincerity is inspiration to our UMA FAMILY. Engineer by profession, has served medical profession with great sincerity, honesty and hard work. Having worked in USA after graduating with M.S degree from prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr.Girish Gangan, COO, has given the vision to become a truly international company competing in terms of quality, service and cost. It is the energetic and motivated staff along with experience and knowledgeable management has brought Uma Surgicals to its prominent position. "No one can deliver Quality and range of instruments like UMA"