Low Contact D. C. Plate : (Small)
Narrow Dynamic Compression Plate : 12 mm width for Tibia
Broad Dynamic Compression Plate : 16 mm width for Femur
Dynamic Compression Plate : 8 mm for Metacarpal & Metatarsal
Low Contact D. C. Plate : (Narrow)
Low Contact D. C. Plate : (Broad)
Semi Tubular Plate for 4.5mm
1/3 Tubular Plate : For Fragment Fractures of Fibula, Metatarsal, Metacarpal
Reconstruction Plate: For Pelvic, Acetabular Reconstructive Surgeries
Reconstruction Plate: Capsule Hole (A.O.Type for 3.5mm Screws)
Lateral Tibial Buttress Plate
T- Buttress Plate : With Double Bend like Buttress For Tibial Head Fractures